Staying Safe When Using Retractable Steps To Get In And Out Of Your Truck

If you have a large pickup truck, and you find yourself having difficulty hoisting yourself up to get into your vehicle, it is likely you have considered purchasing an extending staircase to make this task easier. There are a few steps to take to help in keeping safe while using this valuable piece of equipment. Here are some tips to try to help keep yourself from tripping or sliding when utilizing extendable truck steps with your pickup truck.

Try The Steps Beforehand

When selecting a set of retractable steps, it is a good idea to try different brands before making a purchase. The amount of space between each step, in addition to the height of the steps, will make a difference in how you retain your stance as you get in and out of your truck. Trying different models will ensure you pick out a set of steps that work well for your specific body style. It is also a good idea to measure the distance from the ground to your truck's cab so you are sure the model you select will have enough room to outstretch while staying secure.

Use Sandpaper To Help With Gripping

If your retractable steps do not have a rough surface upon each step, there is a chance of slipping when conditions outdoors are slick. Sandpaper will work well at helping you retain your footing as you walk upon each of the steps on your retractable unit. Cut a piece of sandpaper to fit the area of each step. To keep it in place, use contact cement on the back portion. Press onto each step and allow to dry completely before using the unit.

Wear The Right Shoes To Minimize Slipping

It is best to refrain from wearing shoes that will put you at a bigger chance of sliding down your staircase when you need to use it. High-heels, flip-flops, sandals, and smooth-soled shoes should be avoided. Instead invest in a pair of shoes with deep-grooved soles. Skid-resistant soles in conjunction with a sandpaper step surface will ensure you do not put yourself at risk for an unnecessary injury.

Secure Your Retractable Steps Properly

Most sets of steps will come with hardware so you can install them directly to the cab area of your vehicle. It is important to follow directions exactly so your staircase is not loose as this could result in catastrophic injuries. Place a soft blanket underneath the staircase when it is engaged to an open position to give you some protection as you test the steps for stability. Wriggle around a bit as you take each step to help you in determining if the steps are totally secure. If you find there is some play in the staircase, consider having a professional reinstall them for you.